Elephant in the Memory, with little Room remaining…

Just now, a tweet by my son — a tweet first seen, liked and retweeted ten minutes after reading the next story:

Jason A. Wyckoff

“Nell turned her head to see to whom the offensive odor clung, but her view was blocked…”

An effectively and increasingly nightmarish series of Venn-word diagrams of people whom Nell sees in real life, prehensile stenches and felt traumas on a train, all overlapping piecemeal with one’s Facebook feed, post by post, a unique mixture of other people’s lives and their current preoccupations, and friend requests, and pictures one is polite about and ‘likes’, those that make one angry or sad, toward a whole dead elephant in the headroom, I guess. The ultimate Zeno’s Paradox story, where a scream is ever only partway complete. But still time enough to snap…

My full ongoing review of the latest amazing NIGHTSCRIPT anthology: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2021/10/06/nightscript-7/

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