Elizabeth Bowen and Robert Aickman

GREEN HOLLY by Elizabeth Bowen

“They were Experts – in what, the Censor would not permit me to say.”

“She never had had illusions: the illusion was all.”

And perhaps for the first time ever I reveal this INCREDIBLE ghost story to the wider public? I am seriously excited by this particular re-reading, and, let me admit, it has not haunted me as it should have done since I first read it years ago — because I have been haunting myself, as a man does within it. The most remarkable ghost story ever written, one that makes you believe in ghosts, because they may be you. […]

Just suffice to say that this story alone proves to me that, as rough contemporaries, Bowen and Aickman were great mutual literary spirit influences as synergy upon and from each other, but without letting the literary world know. Or the literary world has kept wartime secrets about it, by not mixing apparent horror genre with literature? Till now. (continued…)

Full review here: https://etepsed.wordpress.com/1004-2/

My review of a story entitled LOVE by Elizabeth Bowen as another Aickman-infused example among many: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2021/10/05/the-collected-stories-of-elizabeth-bowen/#comment-23127

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Bowen and Robert Aickman

  1. Just reviewed a story by EB called FAIRIES AT THE CHRISTENING (an obscure EB work NOT in her massive Collected Stories book but in recent years printed in THE BAZAAR AND OTHER STORIES by Edinburgh University Press of her uncollected work, some unfinished, or unrevised like this one) and some of you may be interested in my review of it and how it is the perfect follow up to GREEN HOLLY! It is at the same link as above.

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