Having eyes for fiction…


(Monochrome version of the image by Tony Lovell he created for ’Busy Blood’)

FOR ALL HIS EYES CAN SEE by Steve Rasnic Tem

If I thought I had discovered above a new-to-me classic Tem story, then this one is surely  the classic among all Tem classics. I do not even feel able to quote anything from it as I would end up quoting the whole story! Surely, my admitted susceptibility to the-passion-of-the-reading-moment syndrome would not deceive me enough to change any of what I think sincerely about it when I am able to have a hindsight upon it. I also do not feel able to tell you much about this tale of Clarice for fear of spoiling a seriously classic weird story; suffice to say, it depicts a dystopia of displacement and diaspora, and tells of the man who becomes a woman’s eyes that scry such decay and detritus, indeed Clarice’s Inspector.

The Thanatrauma context of the above review: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2021/11/12/thanatrauma-steve-rasnic-tem/

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