I sometimes feel that I am only talking to myself in my reviews…

But on a more positive note, that may not be a wholly bad thing as I find they are useful and therapeutic.

Today’s review is the next in my marathon examination of all Elizabeth Bowen stories: SO MUCH DEPENDS, here: https://weirdmonger.wordpress.com/elizabeth-bowens-stories-16/#comment-474. Even down to one elbow, there is still no elbowroom. We yearn to have our arms stretched out like wings.

Bowen’s influence on Robert Aickman, and vice versa, mutual synergies and mutual friends, mutual shadows.

Zeno’s Paradox in Thirds as well as Halves. Elbows and other absurdist devices, other objective-correlatives.

One thought on “I sometimes feel that I am only talking to myself in my reviews…

  1. Hello Des’. Talking to yourself? No, but your output is so prolific, and your writing often on a level that can be – and I’m speaking for myself – quite demanding, that – again, speaking for myself – often catches my interest but frequently leaves me grasping for any sort of intelligent response.
    In fact, your posts have recently had me searching through my database for stories by Aickman and Bowen. I found I had surprisingly few stories by Bowen, though I did re-read The Apple Tree two nights ago.
    I suppose I’d first read it back in the 70’s or 80’s, and it was quite unlike any memory I thought I had of it. I enjoyed it anyway, and I hope it marks the start of a phase of late night reading (which I once did regularly, but recently lapsed into listening to audio books at bed time (I have a taste for the older ghost stories or Father Brown stories read by Simon Stanhope for his Bitesized Audio Classics on YouTube)).
    And incidentally, I found and listened to some of your own recordings a few weeks back, which was another enjoyable experience.
    So what keeps me so busy that I rarely post anything these days?
    Recently I’ve been sketching a lot, occasionally painting, taking photographs, and an online Creative Writing group has started me writing poetry. It’s been an astonishingly stressful and difficult year. And now I’m beginning to put together the third magazine using contributions from members of the writing group. Oh, and I’ve decided to get myself tested for Asperger’s.🙄
    But no, you’re not talking to yourself. I guess that’s a feeling the internet engenders in many of us.

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