My recent intensive work…

Please be kind enough to consider my recent and still ongoing work upon the Robert Aickman and Elizabeth Bowen synergy of fiction: (Bowen stories), (Bowen novels) and (the Aickman canon).


I am currently heavily involved in my detailed reappraisal of Elizabeth Bowen… and this means that there may be delays in continuing my scheduled reviews for 2022 (as  listed and linked here:

Any public feedback on this Bowen project —  in conjunction with any on my recent  connected reappraisal of Robert Aickman — may oil my wheels and thus transcend Zeno’s Paradox!

3 thoughts on “My recent intensive work…

  1. “Mists still filled the valley; the tulips stood up asleep. Something caught at her heart as they started, though she told herself she was leaving nothing behind.”
    Elizabeth Bowen – To The North 1932

    “Nothing *was* left behind.”
    Elizabeth Bowen – Candles In The Window 1958

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