4 thoughts on “Furious in the Expanse — Yarrow Paisley

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    Does the W in W Blake stand for water from weeping as a means to quench solders’ thirst or to quench the ‘fierce fires’ they fight?

    This volume feels as if it should be kept in one’s pocket for a lifetime’s dipping into to find the wisdoms you missed in previous dippings — a new ‘catcher in the yarrow’. How do I know? Because I have read it from beginning to end in one sitting. And having researched the properties of yarrow itself I know that it would likely heal most of the issues elicited in this volume, heavy or light.

    From the smudge of provenance to the ‘unsavory cosmic spheres’ of the nemonymously collective memory of those citizens of Pleiades, who try to differentiate the two others that make the single you, never to meet, other than perhaps in your death. Or did someone else get on the train? And what about the optimising of masturbation by utilising a real girl? Or chopping off a toe to avoid stubbing it? Those tears were giddy water after all, and your two separate eyes (I’s)) as that bipolarity of ‘others’ fly though the lost expanse of Los. Furious that the planchette didn’t work. The siege mentality of a flea or father. Killing people to stop them maturing into things that you cannot love in the same way as you always loved them. I live and love, by the way, in an infinite number of towns. Stone and flesh. Heaviness and lightness conjoined… that random smudge on the front cover, notwithstanding.

    “I wish to finish once I’ve started, and once I’ve finished I wish I’d savored, but it’s too late; and afterward, one merely sits and stares.”

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