Weirdmonger Immortalis

EDIT: 22 March 2022
Republished by someone who was inspired by this book in 2003…


Above Art by Tony McMillen

Orange cover art in 2003: Gary Nurrish

From the publisher’s LITERARY LOUD:

“In other news, I published a new edition of D.F. Lewis’ book Weirdmonger through my own press Mirage Publishing House. It’s only available on kindle, but you can buy it here. This was a short story collection that had a heavy impact on me in college and really was a part of my foundational years as a young writer. I used to read his stories over and over, finding new meaning each time. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy.”


My 2009 self-commentary on this book:

ALWAYS IN DIM SHADOW (AIDS) was first published in 1991.

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