An Uneasy Death



My Horror Stories were published three times in BEST NEW HORROR and five times in YEAR’S BEST HORROR STORIES, and hundreds of other places by 1999.

In many ways, today (and it’s why the book is formatted and priced to deter even DFL completists!) I am out of tune with this over-condensed handful of my more extreme output, among hundreds of others that were less extreme during the golden age of the British and American small press of the late 20th century. However, I can appreciate the enthusiastic thrust and rough edges of those printed, stapled magazines, now sort of echoed by the style of this book. Furthermore, I hope these earlier horror works of mine still stand up after several years of no longer submitting them for publication, with my having concentrated on publishing many authors in ‘Nemonymous’, ‘Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies’ etc. And gestalt real-time…

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