A love letter to romcoms and toasted cheese…

REMEMBER THIS by Graham Swift

An attritionally deadpan portrait of a newly married couple of husband and wife tempting fate at such a young loving moment in time, even an often sexually penned fate, threatening a red-hot Priapic poker through it for such attritional fiction-creativity about young love, a fiction evoking the enticement by the wife’s short, rain-squeaky, brolly-stretched skirt, and, yes, a fiction about such a young loving couple tempting fate by making their death wills while attending a solicitor whom the husband visualises at home with an imaginary wife called Sylvia. This fiction is a satirical love letter to romcoms and toasted cheese. But it all clicked into place by means of the very last few words of this fiction, showing that it was meant to be read on April Fool’s Day, i.e. today, in my own real-time, as it happens to be! Somehow I should always remember this chance-synchronicity of reading, for the first time, this duly methodical story in its due running order in the contents of this book, yes, today of all days (look at the date above), as it has turned out to be!
I should ‘bank’ this work and its timely concomitant feat of gestalt real-time reviewing even if later it won’t matter at all when I am eventually sick / depressed or tragically bereaved or dying myself or just dead!

The full context of this review here: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2021/12/26/the-penguin-book-of-the-contemporary-british-short-story/

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