‘Weirdmonger’ as a Kindle


WEIRDMONGER: The Nemonicon: Synchronised Shards of Random Truth and Fiction

OrIginally PRIME BOOKS paperback in 2003 and hardback in 2004

Both out of print by 2010


…a new edition of D.F. Lewis’ book Weirdmonger through my own press Mirage Publishing House. It’s only available on kindle, but you can buy it here. This was a short story collection that had a heavy impact on me in college and really was a part of my foundational years as a young writer. I used to read his stories over and over, finding new meaning each time. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy.”the new Kindle’s publisher in March 2022

Stories first published during 1986-2000, all effectively pre-internet.


(Cover art: Tony McMillen)


One of the stories in ’Weirdmonger’ was recently showcased in THE BIG BOOK OF MODERN FANTASY

A few of the 67 stories in ’Weirdmonger’ were revised for ’A Dead Monument to Once Ancient Hope’ but the new ’Weirdmonger’ Kindle contains, of course, the original text. Having now re-read such originals, I sincerely think they wield a more direct power than the few later revisions do. Different versions optimal for different contexts.

The author received The Karl Edward Wagner Award in 1998 for services already rendered by then!

Nemonymous (2001-2010) Wikipedia

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