An Adlestrop of Anxiety



I have just started this novel…

THE OLD BOYS by William Trevor


“He caught Mr Nox’s eye and felt a little jump in his stomach.”

Mr Turtle is late for the Old Boys meeting in room 305, caught up, as he is, with a charwoman (not chairwoman!) mopping in the basement when he was meant to be on the 5th floor, and he should not have been in such an Adlestrop of Anxiety, I guess. The meeting, other than perhaps Mr Nox, seems ready to nod through Mr Jaraby as the next President. Mr Jaraby later at home is mentally coercive with his poor wife, but, after all, she did call his cat Monmouth a monster and that he should send it to a zoo. And she did not seem grateful for the head-shaped beetroot he brought home, well, I imagined it head-shaped and that she wasn’t grateful. And she imputes death and decay obsessing her husband when he tells her yet once again of his housemaster Dowse’s sad death, and how what a great beater of boys Dowse was. Not a marriage conversation to envy!

‘We are seventy-two, you must remember that. Communication is now an effort. It is not the easy thing that younger people know.’


My previous reviews of all William Trevor’s very many stories and the link to the eventual complete review of this novel:

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