On Tour With The Deathray Bradburys – Alexander Zelenyj


This is a very accessible / readable account — but with a-no-holds-barred academic /true-mystic expression — regarding the eponymous music group, a topic which I have encountered before HERE in ANIMALS OF THE EXODUS — and its SIRIUS ‘BIG DOG’ (preternaturally relevant today of all days in UK, as it happens!) and DOGON…
… and perhaps another connected music group called THE RESIDENTS a book about which I reviewed HERE

This now completes some sort of pattern for me as to the GESTALT. I was meant to read it today, and whenever you happen to read it, the same will be true. The trappings and the lyrics and the fans’ suicide cults are merely camouflage for something else in this Vale of Eibon where we find ourselves living and breathing just for a nonce.

Another part of the pattern — perhaps the most significant one HERE contained within REQUEST FOR AN EXTENSION ON THE ‘CLARITY’ — to the above work’s DOGON and arguably to Stephen King’s DOGAN in ‘The Dark Tower’ reviewed in 2011 as linked in full from HERE (if not Lovecraft’s DAGON.)

In fiction, belief is everything, but in fiction belief is also necessary, nay, vital.


From my review HERE of THE DARK TOWER (Song of Susannah) in 2011: The beauty of the power of the Dharmic Dogan is that you can’t explain it. Like two or three or, even, four people using one body – this is also an inscrutably hybrid method of inner and outer surveillance-with-monitors beyond the simple reading of a book or, even, any reading between its lines…


Full context of above review: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2022/06/01/these-long-teeth-of-the-night-alexander-zelenyj/

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