Two consecutive reviews today…

THE FLOWERS: Alice Walker

All in italics. About Myop, a small girl, I take it, on a fine summer day, tapping the fence with her stick, finding some strange blue flowers then like a character in Lilliput mis-stepping in a crack between a supine man’s brow and eyes, except it isn’t Gulliver. It is another modest proposal, though, to conceal exactly what his ‘naked grin’ meant. A ring a ring a rose. My opinion.


GIRL by Jamaica Kincaid

“…this is how to make a good medicine to throw away a child before it even becomes a child;”

Another vignette to match inversely or ironically that by Alice Walker just now, but this one being a listed HOW TO do or not do things, like singing benna even if she was also told how not to be bent upon being the slut she was otherwise destined to become.
Feel the freshness of the freshly baked bread, although it was thrown out of the oven before it started baking.


Full context of above:

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