His Vision On The Vastness


Songs For The Lost by Alexander Zelenyj

“his vision on the vastness”

A tale of the Colonizers and the Colonized, on the utter Rim. Varkoom are the most beautiful / most frightening winged beasts, and the one here meets its own beauty as well as its Valley amidst this book’s stars. You will be stunned by the Varkoom description here. “These things men called them.” The human beauty herself (for this particular Varkoom beast) is ironically large and pappish. But this is the stuff that dreams are made on, as we read from song to song, eventually cohering a motley group in the Valley, Valley as Peacccccce and potential paradise. Where monsters recoup their morals…. Just! And this emerging group, as gestalt. And there is “…marked a distinct ‘V’ in the dust, a single gruesome letter trembling terribly in the heat haze like an oracle”, then reaching “V. V, for Valley. V for the Valley of Green.” — “its deep, green valley and impossible supply of contentment. Paradise, in the wildness of the Big Black’s nethermost reaches.” — “Hamisamrah and the caves of peace.” Probably the most perfect elbow-trigger in literature that I have ever encountered so far (“Harry Dalmar laid a tentative step forward along the path but Big Darla stopped him with a hand on his elbow”) only slightly falters as Harry, having shed one snakeskin, relapses for a nonce, then regroups, I sense. Cohering until gestalt, as “tenuous union” is born from violence. “A fat girl, a rapist, a winged demon or angel, and a father and son, all with aching thoughts and breaking hearts, stepping into the path together…” — “They stood in stunned silence, puzzle pieces baking in the air, confused as to how to arrange themselves for answers, perhaps only dimly aware that their tenuous union may have been clue enough.” Please forgive me over-quoting those satisfying definitions of forming gestalt. But I have left the most powerful passages for you to read as First Experience! From cannibalism of human babies to the final catharsis of tenuous union, from speck to sublime effulgence, from extreme guilt to difficult redemption, from hate to impending forgiveness, even love… the prose lifts us to levels even beyond those with which we have been tutored earlier from this shocking and purging book, a book that needs to be shelved not only in convenience stores but also in university libraries. Amid the “billion stars”, too, to watermark the soul.


Full context of this review: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2022/06/01/these-long-teeth-of-the-night-alexander-zelenyj/

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