ONLY CONNECT by D.F. Lewis & Gordon Lewis


Absolutely wonderful for me to see this digital publication of the ONLY CONNECT ghost stories, each of them a shared creation of myself and my father Gordon Lewis (1922-2007). This is a new version of the book first published last century. Obtainable here:


A bellyful of sadness, a stoup of hope,
if stories have threads, real lives don’t.

Eyes have eyes, spooks have spines,
souls are switched, with made-up minds.

Worlds within worlds, heaven in flight –
only connect, only go bump in the night.


5 thoughts on “ONLY CONNECT by D.F. Lewis & Gordon Lewis


    “Such speculation – or brainstorming as modern parlance has it – might lead to uncomfortable or even dysfunctional conclusions. There is often a shiny tiny pellet of truth in a sludge-barrel of lies – it’s just finding it that is the difficulty in such oblique considerations – and one often has to face up to many evident absurdities along the way. Indeed one must summon up absurdities on purpose in the hope that they, once discovered and then discounted, will reveal from beneath them the solitary pearl which one originally set out to seek.
    My mind did ‘run riot’, therefore, in more ways than one – to return to an expression that slipped out almost accidentally in a previous paragraph of this tract. By writing all this out, I am trying to reconcile matters in an as orderly a fashion as possible, backed by a faith in fortuitous serendipity. A catharsis of words? A purging? A trial of memories? Only possible when one starts to write everything down. Better than remaining airy-fairy in the mere mind alone. Stories on the page are better than stories in the head.”

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