My First Elbow-Trigger

Has anyone read my novella LADIES in its few obscure incarnations since I wrote it in the early 1990s? Well, it is coming out in a new DFL collection, to be announced shortly, and, when I recently proofread it, I was astounded that its first chapter is a most striking elbow-trigger, many years before I had discovered the existence of such things in literature!



I did not then know consciously that this was an elbow-trigger as such, but it now represents for me two or three pages of the most exquisite example of one, if I say so myself!

My authorial notes on this novella in 2015 here: … where I end up (perhaps pretentiously!) writing:

If I wrote this novella, which I severely doubt, then it is, with no doubt at all, my greatest work. Seriously. Why did I ever give up writing like that? Despite the disparate dreams, cruel conceits, wild jokes, it eventually becomes poignant (with the nature of Dame Floerence’s communion with the Scapegoat and much else), and it’s pre-emptive of the way the world has gone since it was written. 

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