The Little Girl by Elizabeth Taylor

…who is attached to her dirty teddy bear, much to her own posh mother’s chagrin. ELizabeth BOWen wrote a novel called ‘The Little Girls’ and Elizabeth Taylor wrote in this brief story one of the elbow-triggers that beats any of Bowen’s! …
“‘I have never been so insulted,’ the woman shouted, too angry to see the absurdity of the phrase. ‘How dare you!’ She flourished the glove again and the man raised an elbow.”
After much business — about the little girl’s anti-social behaviour at parties and her fear of the chop, chop, chop in the Oranges & Lemons game, and her consternation at the mother’s trying dancing shoes on her little feet in a large department store, and the girl’s continued attachment to the teddy come what may — that elbow moment triggered a thought of sexual pests and of Krafft-Ebing! … but a thought in whose mind? And by what innocent means of petulance by child or child’s mother or the shouting woman or the author herself?


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