A Man Too Mean To Be Me


I’m most pleased to announce my fourth independently published collection, viz. A MAN TOO MEAN TO BE ME, as published by Incunabula Media HERE.

After WEIRDMONGER (2003), THE LAST BALCONY (2012) and DABBLING WITH DIABELLI (2020), this new collection contains a number of stories and also includes two longer works, namely Ladies that, in hindsight, starts with the strongest elbow-trigger ever! And The Bad Bananas Caper featuring the private dick called, among other names, Dogmucker Lean! These two longer works, my own personal favourites of yore, were written in the early 1990s.

PS: that is one helluva genius cover by D.M. Mitchell to illustrate LADIES and SHUMBLE HALL in this book.


There is now also an Amazon link for A MAN TOO MEAN TO BE … HERE

in addition to: Incunabula Media HERE

The cover is by D.M. Mitchell, and I feel it depicts the novella LADIES, and a particular scene in SHUMBLE HALL, and “…pulled out, like long-eared rabbits from hats, every year…” from GRANDFATHER CLOCK.

The author’s triggered images here: https://etepsed.wordpress.com/a-man-too-mean-to-be-me-2022/

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