ENTROPY by Thomas Pynchon

“The cosmologists had predicted an eventual heat-death for the universe (something like Limbo: form and motion abolished, heat-energy identical at every point in it);…”

This takes place in Feb ‘57 in Washington DC, and I wondered whether it was 1957 or 2057, but when I saw Ricky Nelson mentioned, I somehow knew. A seemingly lease-breaking party held by Meatball Mulligan, with lots of European expatriates, even though they are called American, a sort of party where a girl needs to be taken out of a sink. A place where it seems more like today, and Callisto ever nurses a little bird in his hand as if it is the earth on which we now live. And ironically they listen to the Great Gate of Kiev from Mussorgsky as well as the music ‘noise’ of the young to middle-aged and there are thoughts on Stravinsky and the computer people, and the inevitable submission to the law of physics, all couched in a Pynchonesque prose that is breath-taking…. search these very few samples, among ‘many more’ better ones left unquoted, from this story quoted below so as to start forming your own gestalt or gaia… the necessity of the ‘More Probable’, despite those of us who live in some dream limbo paradise like Aubade did in this story … a limbo as created, for me at least, by the preternatural force of literature….

“…a mnemonic device for remembering the Laws of Thermodynamics: you can’t win, things are going to get worse before they get better, who says they’re going to get better.”

“…this idea of computers acting like people.”

“There are Europeans wandering around North Africa these days with their tongues torn out of their heads because those tongues have spoken the wrong words.”

“ Ambiguity. Redundance. Irrelevance, even. Leakage. All this is noise.”

“…when 37 degrees Fahrenheit should prevail both outside and inside, and forever,…”


‘That Glimpse of Truth’ context of this review: https://nullimmortalis.wordpress.com/26965-2/

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