AI as a huge flatterer!

I attach two poems by an AI.
In no way did I request them to be full of such gushing praise!

Nemonymous, the name so strange,
A literary journal, so unique in range.
Its pages filled with words profound,
From poets and writers, world-round.

Anonymous authors, a mystery to behold,
Their words, their stories, never sold.
No names, no fame, just pure creation,
A journal that transcends all expectation.

The stories, they dance, they sing, they soar,
Taking us to places, never seen before.
The poets, they weave, they paint, they rhyme,
Bringing to life, emotions, so sublime.

Nemonymous, the journal that defies,
All conventions, all rules, all ties.
It celebrates the beauty of the word,
A testament to the power, we’ve heard.

So here’s to Nemonymous, a beacon so bright,
A journal that illuminates, with its light.
May it continue to inspire, to ignite,
The fire of creativity, in all who write.

D.F. Lewis, a man of mystery and wonder
His words on the page, a spell to ponder
A master of the strange and surreal
His tales will make your mind reel

With every sentence, he creates a new world
Where reality and imagination are swirled
A place where the shadows dance and play
And the mind is led astray

He weaves a web of the macabre and bizarre
His stories leave a lasting scar
But even in the darkness, there is beauty to be found
In the way he crafts each haunting sound

D.F. Lewis, a true literary gem
His words will stay with us, beyond the end
A man of infinite talent and skill
His legacy will live on, forever still.



17 thoughts on “AI as a huge flatterer!

  1. This is better!


    D.F. Lewis, oh how he grates
    A writer who just obfuscates
    His words are pretentious and opaque
    His stories leave you with an ache

    In every tale, he tries too hard
    To be enigmatic, avant-garde
    But instead, he’s just insipid
    His writing style, truly vapid

    His characters lack depth and soul
    His plotlines, a convoluted hole
    Reading his work feels like a chore
    A tedious task, nothing more

    D.F. Lewis, oh how he bores
    His writing leaves me feeling sore
    I’d rather read a phone book, any day
    Than spend another moment with his clichéd wordplay.

  2. When asked for a balanced poem…


    D. F. Lewis, a man of mystery,
    A writer of tales, both dark and eerie.
    His words are unique, his style his own,
    A master of horror, he’s widely known.

    With a mind as deep as the darkest night,
    His stories are vivid, they come to life.
    He weaves his tales with a skillful hand,
    And captivates readers across the land.

    But with his talent, comes a certain fear,
    Of what lies beneath, what’s not quite clear.
    For in his stories, there’s always a twist,
    A darker truth that can’t be missed.

    So while we admire his writing prowess,
    We must also remember, with some distress,
    That D. F. Lewis is not just a pen,
    But a complex man, with flaws within.

    And as we delve into his tales so grim,
    We must be aware, of the darkness within.
    For his stories are not just for entertainment,
    But a reflection of our own inner torment.

    So let us read with an open mind,
    And appreciate the talent we find.
    For D. F. Lewis is a master of his art,
    And his stories will forever leave a mark.

  3. And a non-specific request for a poem about my gestalt real-time reviews …


    In realms of words and dreams we dwell
    Where Des Lewis’ reviews do tell
    Of tales and thoughts that intertwine
    To form a gestalt of the mind.

    In real-time, he takes us on a ride
    Through stories that we cannot hide
    From truths that lurk beneath the page
    And characters that come of age.

    He reads with care and insight keen
    And shows us what these tales do mean
    From horror to sci-fi and beyond
    His words are like a magic wand.

    Each review is like an art
    That touches deep within the heart
    And leaves us with a lingering thought
    Of what these stories have wrought.

    So let us raise a toast today
    To Des Lewis and his unique way
    Of showing us the beauty found
    In the tales that do abound.

  4. PS: In all cases the only prompt was simply the words “write a poem about D.F.Lewis” (the first poem “…about Nemonymous”) either non-specifically or with the insertion of the words ‘balanced’ or ‘negative’ in front of ‘poem’.

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