The New Mother by Lucy Lane Clifford

I have completed my review of this book that has outdone much that I could not dream of being outdone. Waiting appropriately until this stage in my life.


One example:


“Yes—I want to be very little and far off.”

This is a substantive story of young Tony in the Swiss Alps, his father a guide to the tourists in the nearby hotel and carver of wooden objects for sale.
Probably the most poignant and effective story one can care to read. Where has it been all my life? Especially in the context of this whole book, with its distancing as well as wooden objects seeming to be alive, and, here, an alive person becoming wooden in piecemeal stages. It is utterly powerful and memorable. Tony’s song echoes in my head even now, the gestalt I have ever sought?
And I look at my own nearby zigzag slopes anew! “…staggering step by step upward along the zig-zag pathways.” As I do.

“He wondered sometimes what more might be in the distances beyond his home, and in what strange forms the great world stretched itself.”

From Tony to Toy…

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