a story in LOOMING LOW TWO


 This is unashamedly a crowded horror story, indeed over-crowded with many horror tropes and spooky situations as well as the  story’s ‘the green crowds closer’.  Cousins visiting a secluded island as half-trespassers, and its ghostly backstory of a cult, a compound and a demolished house, against the backdrop and devastating backstory of one of these cousins. And a mural they find that makes me think of the occluded and piecemeal AI images that are the backstory of us all, with bits of people there one minute, gone the next, or bits missing from the gestalt that is still there —

“The [mural] image wavers as the light passes over it, and the figures stretch though they’re already tall. Featureless, pale as the birch trees around them. […] —subtly wrong. […] At any moment, one of those faceless painted figures will turn and shush her. They’re intruding on something sacred.”

Seminal stuff! But the triggered images today,  for this review, seem instead to concentrate on the crowding  green…

My previous reviews of this author here: her AI collage can be found here:

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