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I still have available for sale my signed copies of Nemonymous journal books, The Last Balcony, Dabbling With Diabelli, The Big-Headed People, Nemonymous Night, Weirdtongue, Agra Aska, The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies, Horror Without Victims, Classical Music Horror Stories, The First Book of Gestalt Real-Time Reviews & Only Connect.

If you are an author whom I have reviewed, I may have your singular edition of the Lulu book volume with my reviews of your work printed and to be signed by me…

 Any collectible books that I purchased for  ‘Review’ are also for sale as before (see below).


See further below for free PDFs of my work and for my readings aloud.
And some of the books listed below under my name as writer are available from the publishers themselves.


My pencil-annotated ‘Review’ books are listed via various links here: The search box above is also very efficient. And there are a few specific links in the first comment below.

I intend to continue buying ebooks and reviewing them.

This selling exercise is not caused by a particular need for money, but by a need for more space and for less of a future burden to those who would inherit my books. (Any profits from the fair prices I receive will be re-invested in future ebook purchases for my real-time reviewing.)

I can only handle up to two books at a time per individual. That is, quotation, agreement, parcel posted, then onward to the next book. Usually no reservations of particular books. And I want to transfer my pencil annotated books as widely as possible.


Simply, contact me at


BOOKS edited or written BY DF LEWIS below:

§ denotes the books currently in my possession.

Nemonymous 1 §
Nemonymous 2 §
Nemonymous 3 §
Nemonymous 4 §
Nemonymous 5 §
Zencore (Nemonymous 7)
Cone Zero (Nemonymous 8) §
Cern Zoo (Nemonymous 9) §
Null Immortalis (Nemonymous 10) §

Agra Aska (Megazathus Press) § (Also on Amazon)
The Last Balcony (InkerMen Press) §
Weirdtongue (InkerMen Press) §
The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies (Megazanthus Press)
§ (Also on Amazon)
First Book of Classical Music Horror Stories (Megazanthus Press) § (Also on Amazon)
Horror Without Victims (Megazanthus Press) § (Also on Amazon)
Only Connect (ghost stories with Gordon Lewis – Cartref Press) §

Nemonymous 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 were restricted to 500 copies each.
Nemonymous 7, 8, 9 & 10 to 200 copies each.
Only Connect to 500 copies
Last Balcony & Weirdtongue, only 50 copies of each bought by myself when the publisher InkerMen Press (run by DP Watt) ceased trading and he placed these books otherwise out of print.

NEMONYMOUS NIGHT – Novel  (Chomu Press 2011): I have a few copies to sign and sell. §

The hardback ‘THE LAST BALCONY§ (reviewed in 2012 by Rhys Hughes HERE) – and for InkerMen Press original editions, please see:

A DEAD MONUMENT TO ONCE ANCIENT HOPE (Mount Abraxas Press 2013) – see PDF version linked lower down on this page. Some copies of this rare book still available from Jonas Ploeger of Zagava.

Signed copy of ‘Cloistered by Ravelled Bones & Ruined Walls § (see PDF version linked lower down on this page.)

THE BIG-HEADED PEOPLE (Eibonvale Press 2017) I also have some copies to sign. § (Also on Amazon)

DABBLING WITH DIABELLI (Eibonvale Press 2020): (Also on Amazon) 
I also have some copies available to sign.§

WEIRDMONGER (Prime Books 2003): Out of Print in 2010. Now a unique Kindle reprint in Spring 2022 from an independent publisher:

BUSY BLOOD: combo tales by Stuart Hughes and DF Lewis (Kindle on Amazon)

Google for other DFL fiction, for example:
BEST NEW HORROR 1, 2 & 6 (Ed. Stephen Jones late 1980s, early 1990s)
YEARS BEST HORROR STORIES – last five consecutive issues (Ed. Karl Edward Wagner)
SIGNALS (Alan Ross, London Magazine, late 1980s, Macmillan)
STAND magazine (early 1990s)
IRON magazine (early 1990s, Ian McMillan)
SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH (edited Stephen Jones)

and many more!


DF LEWIS’ self-published fiction:




AN UNEASY DEATH (effectively beyond cost)
Gestalt my retrocausal penance of teleology. Hardcore early DFL fiction, shameless. An Uneasy Death

Is that you, is that me, is that now, is that here?

Yellow Cargo:

Raw Air:

Gargling With Swordfish:

Dark House Lane:

The Visitor:

Fanblade Fables:

The Drawstring:

The Lurk Descending:

HARVEST TIME, and other collaborations with Gordon Lewis:

A Man Too Mean To Be Me:

Nemonymous Lights (selected photos):

Strangling A Snowman (non fiction):


Regarding above three books – the original InkerMen Press publications of The Last Balcony (stories and novellas) and Weirdtongue (novella) are still available with myself at reasonable cost.


Free PDFs—> Out of Print (or Lulu self-published) : available for publication by independent publishers, after due agreement… contents here:

A DEAD MONUMENT TO ONCE ANCIENT HOPE (Mount Abraxas Press 2013); some copies still available with ZAGAVA:

CLOISTERED BY RAVELLED BONES & RUINED WALLS (Mount Abraxas 2017) with Slawomir Wielhorski:

The CHÔMU ‘Nemonymous Night’ Novel:

The Small Press Ark –

The Drawstring:

The Last Balcony:

The Apocryphan & Yesterfang:


Thingie 2:

Thingie 3:

Is that you, is that me, is that now, is that here? — Thingie 4:

The Visitor:

The Lurk Descending:

Dark House Lane:

Yellow Cargo:

Raw Air:

Gargling With Swordfish:


Fanblade Fables:

A Man Too Mean To Be Me:

Strangling A Snowman:

Weirdtongue: A Glistenberry Romance:

Agra Aska:

The Bad Bananas Caper:

The Weirdmonger’s Tales with Camille Gabrielle illustrations:

Stories by Wordhunger:


AND Completist

miscellanea –

NEMONYMOUS NIGHT (unabridged version in three novels):

The Hawler (Novel) –

Klaxon City (Novel) —

The Angel Megazanthus (novel) –


Miscellaneous Miscellanea:

Miscreant In Moonstream –

Emoss Crack –


Texts of many of my collaborations with other authors:


ONLY CONNECT by Gordon Lewis and D.F. Lewis – soon to be republished as an epub. (Temporary draft pdf:

HARVEST TIME collaborations with Gordon Lewis:



More recent Tales:

The READINGS-ALOUD of my work…


DF Lewis received the British Fantasy Society Karl Edward Wagner Award 1998

13 thoughts on “Books

  1. I am deliberately doing this over ten years, without an intermediary, as I want to say a personal goodbye to each book as I infuse its spirit.
    My memories of each book are also enshrined in my on-line Gestalt Real-Time Reviews, and incorporated in hard copy books, too.

    — Written by me recently during a FB discussion!

  2. “Every book has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens.”
    —from ‘The Shadow Of The Wind’ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

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  4. Written this to a ‘customer’ today –
    “As a “fair price” combines my knowledge of the prospective owner as well as the actual perceived monetary and spiritual value of the book, the answer is yes.”

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