Continuation from HERE of public reactions to my Gestalt Real-Time Reviews. These will be shown in the comment stream below as they happen.

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  1. Scott Nicolay Facebook HERE:
    “Des Lewis has finished his real time review of Noctuidae. Hard to tell whether he liked it or not but at least it kept him busy. At least he didn’t get hung up on the em dashes. Thanks Des!”
    Replies: “I must admit that I never truly understand Des’s reviews but I think he likes it!”
    “Em dashes are fucking awesome.”

  2. Jeff VanderMeer Facebook HERE:
    “Des Lewis is reviewing “Gold of Ophir” from Leena Krohn’s Collected Fiction. I always thought it would be a great fit of text and reviewer, and it proves to be so. “Gold of Ophir” has also grown to be my favorite novel in Krohn’s collected fiction, by the way.”

  3. “thanks for the review of the issue, and very flattered (I think, ha!) that you were shell-shocked by my story. Your insights are fabulous, and you beautifully captured the effects I aimed for!”
    — Norman Prentiss on my Facebook page about my review of his ‘The Future of Literary Criticism’.

  4. HERE if you can reach it –
    “Still inordinately proud that ALECTRYOMANCER AND OTHER WEIRD TALES made Des Lewis’ DREAMCATCHER ‘DYSFUNCTION’ ROOM where it is “meant as a positive for a book to be listed on this page, as a work reaching beyond even the hyper-imaginative.”

  5. I can’t recall if I have spotted this one before:
    “Also an additional thanks to you Nemonymous for your intelligent reviews that are unashamedly infused with personal interpretations (which is a factor in any review whether it is admitted or not). The unique, deeply honest approach raises a scholarly assessment to a truly enjoyable and thoroughly educating companion to the already rich original text.”

  6. D.P. Watt: “Thanks, as ever, for your passionate, and fruitful, reading of the text – it has given me much to think about. Your RTRs are such a wonderful experience! As for the chicken – didn’t you know? – to get to the other side…”

  7. DP Watt:
    “Des Lewis has finished his reviews of Conflagration and Almost Insentient, Almost Divine describing the former as ‘a wonderful experience’ and the latter as ‘remarkable’.
    What is more ‘remarkable’ and ‘wonderful ‘is Des’ commitment to ‘real time reviewing’, a practice all of his own that is a joy to read whatever may be in review. Des has championed the small press for years and his own writing has challenged and enthralled readers for decades.”

  8. “Des Lewis just completed some of his great real-time reviews of Watt’s collections. I love his reviews because they are elliptical enough so as not to act as spoilers before you read a story, and often enlightening after you read the story in question.”
    here and comments thereafter.

  9. Alistair Rennie:
    “Des Lewis has completed his real-time review of “BleakWarrior” and I’m thrilled by what he has to say about it. His real-time reviews are always fascinating, awash with insights that possess the logic of poetry as well as criticism, generating meanings that go beyond the words themselves, almost musically.”

  10. HERE :
    “So I’m delighted that Des Lewis found the ending to my story in the Mark Samuels tribute anthology ‘terrifying’ (hurrah!). I can’t say it was a comment on Brexit, but now he puts it that way, the story does all seem rather terrifyingly prescient. Many thanks to Mr Lewis for pointing it out.” – John L Probert

  11. HERE
    “The inimitable Des Lewis has begun one of his trademark Real-Time Reviews of SYLVAN DREAD. Des’s examinations of my work never fail to teach me things about my writing. He sees as few others can.” – Richard Gavin

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