Part Seven of the CONTROVERSIES thread which continues from Part One HERE and Part Two HERE and Part Three HERE and Part Four HERE and Part Five HERE and Part Six HERE.

Further discussion will hopefully be made in the comment stream below. Everyone is welcome to contribute on any aspect of book reviewing controversies and related matters in the hope that we may be able to cauterise them.

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    • I did find that thread interesting. If I receive a review request that’s specifically written to me, I’ll always reply, but if it’s a mass email (e.g. Mailchimp or bcc) I only reply if I want to request a copy of something, and I only do that if I really think I’ll read it.

  1. In recent days, I have been reading, for the very first time, THE FACE OF TWILIGHT (2006, reprinted 2016) by Mark Samuels here: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2016/11/16/the-face-of-twilight-mark-samuels/

    I have so far found these two passages in the text:

    “The author of innumerable vignettes that had graced all manner of print magazines, Snape had penned a tidal wave of ‘postmodern tales.’ Nobody could interpret the stories’ meaning and a coherent narrative was secondary to his use of language. Snape had taken early retirement a few years ago […] …seemed bewildered that he had not achieved the wider literary recognition […] This bewilderment seemed contradictory, because he also professed to hold the view that the individual sense of self was an illusion.”

    “Snape waved limply at Gilman, patches of oily sweat drooling across his egg-like pate.”

    In recent years, Snape Maltings has become my favourite Concert venue!
    Two of my recent visits to SNAPE –

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