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  1. Real-time book reviews, by their very nature, reflect the passion of the moment.
    And there is no reason why an author should not also publicly react in the passion of the same moment, without compromising their stoical resistance about commenting at all about reviews of their work.

  2. My book reviews are written for three separate parties: myself, the readers and the book’s inferred creator. Most reviews elsewhere are actual PREviews for readers. Mine can also be genuine REviews that can be read (a) alongside me as the reader reads the book or (b) after the book is read by the reader.

    When some other book reviews have receded into the past, these will still be dreamcaught.

  3. From my review of the BIG BOOK OF SF yesterday –
    SECTOR GENERAL (1957) by James White

    I – III

    “It wasn’t that they were insane to begin with, but their job forced a form of insanity onto them.”

    This is the first third of a novelette, depicting a multi-environmental hospital, dealing with all manner of alien or ET illnesses. Conway is the one we follow through the various wards, all with hyper-imaginative effects on the modern reading mind, I sense, with empathy and gestalt treatments. The main treatment of the day for our hero is a gestalt group where injury to one is injury to all, with many repercussions following. Conway is a beginner in operating such a treatment where he can actually become part of the alien gestalt himself with various tweaks to that concept that the text gives you. The character of Conway is a satisfying complex one with his hatred of Monitors and other nuances we are given. Some of the described ‘environments’ of care are quite astonishing.

    Being a gestalt real-time book reviewer with the various spin-offs that have developed within me since I started this activity in 2008 as a sort of Conway beginner, perhaps the first such in literary history, then I can empathise with him and the danger of the above ‘insanity’ involved. I could mean this quite seriously. But I keep my powder dry.
    I would tentatively say, in media res, that this novelette is also ESSENTIAL reading for those who are students of the SOUTHERN REACH trilogy, as much else in this anthology so far, to a greater or lesser degree, is RECOMMENDED reading for this purpose.

  4. And I do not give my brief reactions each day to the books I read for these reactions’ own sake or to add or subtract anything to or from each book, but simply to record my rite of passage through them. To say I was there.

  5. I don’t necessarily need authors to react to my real-time reviews of their books I bought.
    But it is nice simply to know they have read (are reading) them.
    I do this activity, anyway, for my own pleasure and as a usefulness aid to my own reading, but I also do it for past and future readers of the books, and, yes, for the authors themselves.

  6. I sometimes write parts of my gestalt real-time reviews too quickly, as if it’s FB. But that method gives bits of unexpected truth more easily, not otherwise possible with dogged, meticulous entries. But that also means some bits among the ‘truth’ are too rushed, even, if rarely, wrong!

  7. I try to read and review fiction as purely what it is and how its presentation affects its meaning or effect. I try to ignore any politics, shenanigans, biography, costs etc. that might lie behind such fictions, as that is how posterity will read it, ignoring things other than the fiction and the book they hold in their hand.

  8. 7D8F28EC-67BF-4838-9BDD-C6E273DBB1D7I am leaving AHH(I) as a dead monument to what went through my mind that day. Who knows whether this one will also become such a monument, but, of course, my method of choice as to book reviewing will remain unchanged. My reviews are gestalt-tending, hopefully spoiler-free essays progressively practised since my study of Stylistics in the 1960s under Anne Cluysenaar. They are REviews of reading as I go through books; they are also literary appreciations, not PREviews for prospective readers of books, as many reviews elsewhere are.

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