HAWLISM: the gestalt of gestalt. (Scientology, literally the knowledge of knowledge…) Among many many others, the gestalt or holism of Flannery O’Connor, Steve Rasnic Tem, Melanie Tem, Truman Capote, Thomas Ligotti, Malcolm Lowry, HP Lovecraft, Robert Aickman, John Cowper Powys, GK Chesterton, Paul Auster, Brian Aldiss, Silvina Ocampo, Avalon Brantley, Quentin S. Crisp, Brian Howell, […]

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It's a privilege to be reviewed by @DF_Lewis https://t.co/8gVXkntdPH — Nicholas Royle (@nicholasroyle) March 12, 2018 ^^^^^^ THE GESTALT REAL-TIME REVIEWS . The ‘Search’ facility above on the banner is an efficient one. . . Hawler & Dreamcatcher . Des Lewis: consumer and reviewer of all forms of definably ‘hyper-imaginative’ fiction in English. . All book […]


Links to the Book Reviews by Des Lewis during 2017 Human Maps – by Andrew Hook After Me Comes The Flood – Sarah Perry A Different City – Tanith Lee Omensetter’s Luck by William H. Gass Dead Letters edited by Conrad Williams The Tunnel – William H. Gass ootHaNgbart – Rebecca Lloyd Dark Gods – T.E.D. Klein The Essex Serpent – Sarah Perry […]


My real-time reviews of Steve Rasnic Tem fiction: . Black Static #12 Cinnabar’s Gnosis Null Immortalis Black Static #19 Ghosts (Crimewave Eleven) The Far Side of the Lake (collection) Interzone #239 The Screaming Book of Horror Rustblind and Silverbright Onion Songs (collection) Here With The Shadows (collection) Black Static #40 Black Static #45 Strange Tales V […]


All my Gestalt Real-Time Reviews from 2008 are listed and linked for your on-line reading pleasure. Also available in print: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/rtrs-as-books/ Available signed by DFL DREAMCATCHER Reviews are dangerously preternatural, filled with accretions, triangulations, nemonymities, serendipities, synchronicities, retrocausalities, gestalts, leitmotifs, codas, dying falls, objective correlatives, intentional fallacies… One day all these weird, wonderful or nonsensical […]


  Gestalt Real-Time Reviews of Older and Classic Books linked below: Rameau’s Nephew by Denis Diderot Jacques the Fatalist by Denis Diderot The Inmates by John Cowper Powys The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann The world’s first detailed review of all the published fiction works of Frances Oliver Finnegans Wake by James Joyce The Villa Désirée […]

Crimewave 12: HURTS

TTA Press Stories by Melanie Tem, Simon Avery, Stephen Volk, Antony Mann, Janice Law, Joel Lane, Stephen Bacon, Tim Lees, James Cooper, Christopher Priest, Danny Rhodes, Steven J. Dines, Ray Cluley and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Paperback: 240 pages. Received as part of my subscription. “Books I’m led to by other books, strings of books, excitation […]


INTERZONE #245  (Mar-Apr 2o13) Cover Art: Jim Burns TTA Press My real-time review of the fiction in this magazine in line with the style of my more recent real-time reviews linked from HERE. My previous INTERZONE reviews are linked from HERE. The fiction in this issue is written by Chris Butler, Melanie Tem, Carlos Hernandez, Damien […]