Mount Abraxas Brochures of Rich Folded Text

Mount Abraxas Press 2020 [EDIT: Fosforos Library brochures] My previous reviews of this publisher: Work by Sebastian Montesi, Patrick Mallet, John Llewellyn Probert, Christian Riley, Milenko Županović, Dominy Clements and Liam Garriock When I read these, Covfefe permitting, my thoughts will appear in the comment stream below…


Rolling links to the Book Reviews by Des Lewis during 2020 Man on the Ceiling by Melanie Tem & Steve Tem The Nostalgia That Never Was by Rhys Hughes The Yellow Wood by Melanie Tem Mysterium by Andrew Condous The Far Tower edited by Mark Valentine SYNTH #4: An Anthology of Dark SF Arms Against […]

Great British Horror 2

Dark Satanic Mills Black Shuck Books 2017 Edited by Steve J. Shaw Paul Finch, Cate Gardner, Andrew Freudenberg, Charlotte Bond, Angela Slatter, John Llewellyn Probert, Marie O’Regan, Gary Fry, Penny Jones, Gary McMahon, Carole Johnstone. When I review this work, my thoughts will appear in the comment stream below…

Marked To Die

MARKED TO DIE A Tribute to Mark Samuels SNUGGLY BOOKS 2016 Edited by Justin Isis With 450 pages, the biggest multi-authored book of new Weird Fiction in the 21st Century. Table of Contents: The Shadowy Companion, foreword by Mark Valentine Rapture, Reggie Oliver The Golden Dustmen, Colin Insole Canticle, Daniel Mills White Light, White Heat, Adam Nevill […]


MOUNT ABRAXAS PRESS The specialist hyper-imaginative fiction books that have been or still are in my library. Ex Occidente and Mount Abraxas Press copies listed in rough chronological order as received: All the many links below are to my specific real-time reviews of these books: . [The copies of my purchased books below bear my […]