The Wanderer by Timothy J. Jarvis

A real-time review by Paulo Brito. After obscure author of strange stories, Simon Peterkin, vanishes in bizarre circumstances, a typescript, of a text entitled, ‘The Wanderer’, is found in his flat. ‘The Wanderer’ is a weird document. On a dying Earth, in the far-flung future, a man, an immortal, types the tale of his aeon-long […]


ZAGAVA MMXVI Stories by Reggie Oliver, Jonathan Wood, B. Catling, Avalon Brantley, Daniel Mills, Brendan Connell, Andrew Condous, Martin Hayes, Ray Russell, Colin Insole, Mark Valentine, D.P. Watt, Damian Murphy, Michael Siefner, Paul Wallfisch, Ron Weighell, Chris Mikul, Richard Gavin, Thomas Phillips, Carl Abrahamsson, Andrew Liles, Supervert, Charles Schneider, Thomas Stromsholt, Timothy Jarvis, Alcebiades Diniz […]

Carved Jerky

THE PURBLIND BARDS by Timothy J. Jarvis “It was telling me not to think too hard about the routes the statues took, the patterns the lights inscribed. That they were significant, but that I’d never know what they meant.” Valentine’s scrying and readings of our land in the previous story have morphed and now make […]

Uncertainties IV

The Swan River Press MMXX Edited by Timothy J. Jarvis My previous reviews of this publisher: and of this editor as author: Stories by Rebecca Lloyd, Lucie McKnight Hardy, Brian Evenson, Kristine Ong Muslim, Gary Budden, Anna Tambour, John Darnielle, Camilla Grudova, Marian Womack, Charles Wilkinson, Nadia Bulkin, Aliya Whiteley, D.P. Watt, Claire […]