A Heart’s Hawling II

7D8F28EC-67BF-4838-9BDD-C6E273DBB1D7I am leaving AHH(I) as a dead monument to what went through my mind that day. Who knows whether this one will also become such a monument, but, of course, my method of choice as to book reviewing will remain unchanged. My reviews are gestalt-tending, hopefully spoiler-free essays progressively practised since my study of Stylistics in the 1960s under Anne Cluysenaar. They are REviews of reading as I go through books; they are also literary appreciations, not PREviews for prospective readers of books, as many reviews elsewhere are.

The Ammonite Violin

I have finished my gestalt real-time review of ‘The Ammonite Violin & Others’ by Caitlín R. Kiernan as recently published by PS Publishing.

A quote from my review of its last story:
“This seems to be a coda to this life-changing book, to its “improbable symphony.” In many ways, I keep my wig’s powder dry, but I will say I thank whatever forces allow such books to be written and that I read it before I passed on to that ‘covered bridge’. These stories first published in 2005-2007.”


A Heart’s Hawling

7D8F28EC-67BF-4838-9BDD-C6E273DBB1D7Searching within myself, I find I do still have the heart to continue my gestalt real-time reviews, but I have little heart, it seems, to choose to review the works of those in the circle of anyone who continues to show such a low view of me. Why should I do so, when I am inundated with other appropriate choices to fill the rest of my life? Not necessarily a big deal, I know, to anyone but me. This feeling of mine, admittedly, contravenes my (hopefully) purist reviewing instincts, but I simply impart it here, to get it off my chest. Otherwise, I may have stopped reviewing altogether, and I did not really want that to happen, at least for my own sake.

Great British Horror 2

Dark Satanic Mills

Black Shuck Books 2017

Edited by Steve J. Shaw

Paul Finch, Cate Gardner, Andrew Freudenberg, Charlotte Bond, Angela Slatter, John Llewellyn Probert, Marie O’Regan, Gary Fry, Penny Jones, Gary McMahon, Carole Johnstone.

When I review this work, my thoughts will appear in the comment stream below…