The Resurrection Symphony, Birmingham Symphony Hall, 13 June 2019, ranging from cataclysm, spiritual pain and glory, towards prayer as well as bodily embonpoint, picking precise en pointe stitches of sound for samplers, the acoustics of where I sat on level four being absolutely basmati perfect — as well as vast swathes of tidal emotion, with every possible force of high and low, in position and scale. Thump and tweak. Bizarre and wholly of common sense. Lifted and sunk. This young lady interpreted anew my lifetime of experiencing the symphony. Still resounding as I think about it now. Horns on high, even an organ factored in. And the two solo voices coming out of nowhere into an even greater nowhere of rich flotation amid seated chorus of deep-edged whispers, incantations, prayers, ending in raw roars so bespoke they were not raw at all. Bells and whistles. Even the sink. Swirls of the earlier conducting hand making the performers lift up to accept their own retrocausal player prayer returned to them by us the complicit audience. The optimum gestalt, bass, base and tench.

Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

CBSO Chorus (David Lawrence)

Lucy Crowe, Karen Cargill.

Out of the Heart

There’s nothing like a Des Lewis review of your writings, and I mean that in all the best ways possible –- he somehow avoids spoilers but still take a deep bite out of the heart of the story, exposing it still alive and beating and raring for more.
— Eric Schaller

Skinner Box – Carole Johnstone

TOR 2019

My previous reviews of Carole Johnstone, who once saved my life: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/carole-johnstone/

An instant take –
“When you’re a baby, different regions of the brain connect to each other in a specific sequence, layer by layer, until the whole brain is mature.”

Nanite by nanite.
I worked at Gestalt real-time reviewing this novelette in the same way as it said in it (quoted above), till I realised it was doing similar to me, but better. Yet, I persevered. Still am. Bloody Fool that I am. Ends and means. Torture and reward. Free will and preternatural determination. Cancer cells and cyborg ones.

“The skin isn’t broken.”
…it also said, somewhere in its box. A digital box in e-space, near Jupiter? Box or Beckettian cell.