A New Monolith for ‘2001’

I am now judging my own priorities in spending most of my time studying and semi-explicating or half-answering books by other writers instead of writing more of my own books. Perhaps I am instinctively tempted by the alchemy provided by islands of external reality as projected elsewhere by elsewho … and factoring those ‘dreams’ with […]

The New Uncanny: Tales of Unease

. COMMA PRESS 2008 My previous reviews of this publisher:  HERE Work by A.S. Byatt, Ramsey Campbell, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Ian Duhig, Matthew Holness, Etgar Keret, Hanif Kureishi, Alison MacLeod, Sara Maitland, Adam Marek, Christopher Priest, Jane Rogers, Nicholas Royle, Gerard Woodward. When I read this book, my thoughts will appear in the comment stream […]


Rolling links to the Book Reviews by Des Lewis during 2021   Our Lady of Hate: The Short Stories of Catherine Lord Bitter Distillations: Poisonous Tales Vastarien, Vol. 3, No.1 The New Uncanny: Tales of Unease Phobic: Modern Horror Stories Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #68 Vastarien, Vol 3 No 2 O For Obscurity, Or, The Story […]


Rolling links to the Book Reviews by Des Lewis during 2019 The Complete Stories of Vladimir Nabokov (Part Two) The Dinosaur Tourist by Caitlín R. Kiernan Interzone 278 Black Static 66 The Bellboy by Rebecca Lloyd Ancient Cities by Jonathan Wood The Sorrows and the Furies by Thomas Strømsholt The Metapheromenoi by Brendan Connell Ice […]

Best British Short Stories 2014

Series editor NICHOLAS ROYLE (My previous reviews of this writer are linked from HERE) SALT PUBLISHING (My previous reviews of this publisher are HERE) Featuring stories by: Featuring: Elizabeth Baines, David Constantine, Ailsa Cox, Claire Dean, Stuart Evers, Jonathan Gibbs, Jay Griffiths, David Grubb, M John Harrison, Vicki Jarrett, Richard Knight, Philip Langeskov, Siân Melangell […]

Synchronicity rampant…

THE CARTOUCHE by Walter de la Mare A remarkable pair of elbow moments in my review today of Chapter XIV of Walter de la Mare’s THE RETURN… Plus a strong synchronicity with my review yesterday of his novella AT FIRST SIGHT. THE RETURN by Walter de la Mare Another astounding synchronicity the same date (25/3/22): […]

Gestalt’s Bests for 2016

So many works were reviewed this year and therefore it was a very difficult choice below. Meanwhile, all the works were in themselves remarkable by being on this 2016 reviewing list in the first place. ———————– THE DREAMCATCHER BOOK AWARDS FOR 2016 STORY: White Light, White Heat by Adam L. G. Nevill NOVEL: The Gradual […]