October 2011
Still sliding deliciously through this book here as through a dream. But unlike some dreams, I hope I shall never forget its effect, its effect during reading-time as well as its effect as end-result. Hence, for example, my dream-catcher real-time reviews in the (never-to-be-forgotten?) aether! The reason I invented real-time reviews of this nature by starting to do them in 2008.



Extract from my RTR of  Northwest Passages – by Barbara Roden

Writing a real-time review is a special reading-journey on the internet – a journey that takes place within a single reading mind, beset by all the foibles of the moment. The question is: does this affect the journey itself, i.e knowing one is publicly describing that journey as it happens? Also I sense many of you asking why you actually want to read about my eccentric journey with a book. Eccentric, perhaps. But if we all write in real-time about our journeys with a book, we can all then simultaneously ’triangulate’ the book via its communally synchronised shards of random truth and fiction, and discover its ineffable noumenon by co-ordination from every compass point of our respective ways and reading-passages, by audit-logic or emotional response or something even more intangible, and not only from the northwest point. (11 Dec 10 – four hours later)

2 thoughts on “*

  1. imageimageA satire (pastiche or lampoon) is not plagiarism; and being positively inspired in one’s own work by another work, if conscious, is a tribute or, if not conscious, derives from some subconscious influence and other unexplained factors stemming from the preternatural phenomenon of literature; and then there are coincidences; and imaginary or borderline comparisons between two works.
    My gestalt real-time reviews for nearly six years have been at least partially predicated upon what I see as the above meaningful connections between different works from the realms of literature.
    Only in ‘Tristram Shandy’ by Laurence Sterne have I found what I see as deliberate plagiarism!

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