DF Lewis: “I wish I had illimitable time to do illimitable real-time reviews of all the authors, editors and publishers I love. All books reviewed are purchased during the course of my normal book-buying. No free copies accepted.”

My Real-Time Review of ‘The WEIRD’

I am enormously proud of Jeff VanderMeer’s public comment (from HERE):

Des–I just want to say that reading your real-time review has been a life-changing experience for me, following along, as you’ve managed to make fresh for me stories that from continual familiarity had been rendered invisible over the process of compiling the anthology. I also just want to thank you for your compassionate, sympathetic, and thoughtful approach to reading these stories. It’s not often an anthology editor gets such a thorough mega-review. I have some other thoughts about this real-time review that I’ll put into a blog post. But, in any event, thank you so much. – JeffV

EDIT (9 Dec 11): Jeff VanderMeer’s promised blog: HERE

Extract: So I would argue that we need more *reviews* that are both in-depth and sympathetic. That display evidence that the reviewer has allowed the text to be not just at the center of their attention, but to have all of their attention.

EDIT (7 Mar 12): A feature about me in The Weird Fiction Review regarding my Real-Time Review of THE BEAK DOCTOR from ‘The WEIRD’: http://weirdfictionreview.com/2012/03/an-encounter-with-the-beak-doctor/

EDIT (11 Mar 12): Simon Strantzas HERE:The term “real-time review” if not the concept itself has been enjoying a healthy life on the internet, and it all traces back to the incomparable Des “D. F.” Lewis. Both my previous collections were reviewed by Des in this way on his blog, and NIGHTINGALE SONGS continues this tradition with a dazzlingly trippy review. Des attempts to find gestalts and underlying themes of collections as he reads them, which often makes for an intriguing read.”

Edit (19 Mar 12): Glen Hirshberg on Facebook: “Des’ commentary and insights are some of the most perceptive and intricate I have ever seen on my work. If you’d like to check the review out–and the rest of his real-time reviews, which I highly recommend–you can do so here…”

Edit (27 Jun 12): It’s always interesting to hear a writer’s take on another writer, especially when there’s no back scratching involved, just an honest appreciation of the work in hand

Edit (25 Nov 12): Johnny Mains just called my review of THE WEIRD “The greatest review of any book in the history of reviews” on his Facebook timeline.

[Other external comments on my Real-Time Reviews: HERE]

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