A Miscellany of Death & Folly



Edited by Mark Beech

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Stories by Cate Gardner, Albert Power, David Yates, D.P. Watt, Chris Kelso, Adam Bolivar, Angela Slatter, Ismael Espinosa, Icy Sedgwick, Kaaron Warren, Brendan Connell, Adriana Díaz Enciso, Paul StJohn Mackintosh, Hayden Peters, Leena Likitalo, Suzanne J. Willis, Kayleigh Marie Edwards.

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test patternsPLANET X PUBLICATIONS 2017

Edited by Duane Pesice
Introduction by Michael Adams
Work by D.L. Myers, Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., H.S. Graves, William Tea, Ron Gelsleichter, Philip Fracassi, Sarah Walker, Ashley Dioses, Peter Rawlik, S.L. Edwards, Brian O’Connell, Jill Hand, Ruth Asch, Pete J. Carter, Sean M. Thompson, Scott Thomas, Nathan Carson, Frederick J. Mayer, Candace Wiggins, Frank Coffman, John Claude Smith, Scott J. Couturier, Rob F. Martin, Adam Bolivar, Don Webb, Russell Smeaton, Matthew M. Bartlett, Cody Goodfellow, Stephen Mark Rainey, K.A. Opperman, Duane Pesice.

When I review this book, my thoughts will appear in the comment stream below…