Avalon Brantley, 1981 – 2017

I think the best way I can pay tribute to her is to link to my real-time reviews of her work over the last few years –

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“But the books!
Take one up, reverently, and bring it to the table, like a loved-one’s body, like a bride, one who just might still be alive.”
— From her BOOKLORE article.

Rest In Peace

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AORNOS – Avalon Brantley


I recently received this book, having purchased it from Ex Occidente Press.

Les Éditions de L’Oubli Bucharest MMXIII. A very aesthetic hardback shown above, 64 pages, my edition numbered 33 of 122.

My previous Ex Occidente Press reviews

My GRTR will take place in the comment stream below as and when I read each section.

I intend to make each section the material that I read between each intertextual bijou picture. This, as an example, is one such picture: