The Art of Ventriloquism – A.J. Kirby


THE ART OF VENTRILOQUISM – A Crime Fiction Collection
Solstice Publishing 2012

I purchased this book via Amazon.

I have long been intending to apply my GRTR techniques to a book by A.J. Kirby since publishing the following short stories by him:
‘How To Kill An Hour’ (Cone Zero 2008)
‘The Ozymandias Site’ (Cern Zoo 2009)
‘Common Myths And Misconceptions Regarding Rita Kendall’ (The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies 2011)

And at last here it is BELOW IN THE COMMENT STREAM of this post as and when I read each story in ‘The Art of Ventriloquism’. There is no guarantee how long any of my GRTRs will take, including this one.