The Brotherhood of the Rooster

Another significant synchronicity worthy of the Homing Pigeon Prize for serendipitous book reviewing (see Homing Pigeon HERE).

The Brotherhood of the Rooster in Cracow:
“The Brotherhood of the Rooster is 700 years old. Archers, crossbowmen and arquebusiers used their skills to protect their villages and strongholds. These occasional warriors were not soldiers but tradesmen, bourgeois or craftsmen and they belonged to a Brotherhood which adopted the rooster, symbolizing night watching, as its emblem. Kraków ­continues to celebrate the descendants of these brave marksmen. On the first Monday after the eight days of the Corpus Christi Feast, the members of the present-day Brotherhood of the Rooster parade in medieval costume and challenge each other in friendly fashion during great competitions…by aiming at wooden roosters.”

D.P. Watt’s new paperback collection with arguably a Rooster design on its front cover and his concurrent hardback book CONFLAGRATION (my hardback review HERE that happened to coincide with my review of the paperback HERE), a hardback that featured, inter alia,  Cracow and its artistic / secret traditions.