D’ACCORD, BABY: Hanif Kureishi

“Determined to swallow the thickest pills of understanding, he would lie there muttering phrases he wanted to retain.”

That is what I have done all along with my crazy obsession of gestalt real-time book-reviewing, enjoying the hidden complexities of fiction, writing marginalia around the texts and scrying synchronicities and cross-references within each work and to other authors’ works, and my blurting out these findings to all of you, and pretending every work with which I am graced to read by preternatural serendipity is another Proust. Including this romcom of a man who gets his own back on a man who f’d his wife by f’ing that man’s daughter, and bashing her about a bit because we’re told she asked him to do so. So many depths in this work, so many of my pencil marks to help find them. D’accord, baby? A glimpse of truth.


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PHOBIC: Modern Horror Stories


Edited by Andy Murray

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Work by Matthew Holness, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Hanif Kureishi, Christine Poulson, Jeremy Dyson, Emma Unsworth, Nicholas Royle, Paul Magrs, Lavinia Murray, Conrad Williams, Paul Cornell, Chaz Brenchley, Maria Roberts, Ramsey Campbell, Robert Shearman.

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Best British Short Stories 2020


Edited by Nicholas Royle

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Stories by Luke Brown, Irenosen Okojie, David Constantine, Zakia Uddin, Richard Lawrence Bennett, Nicola Freeman, Amanthi Harris, Andrew Hook, Hanif Kureishi, Sarah Schofield, Sonia Hope, Jeff Noon, Bridget Penney, Stephen Thompson, KJ Orr, Diana Powell, David Rose, NJ Stallard, Tim Etchells, Adrian Slatcher, Helen Mort, Robert Stone.

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