Tomorrow, When I Was Young – Julie Travis

“‘Shapeshifting is necessary sometimes,’ said the elder, ‘it is neither good nor bad.’”
I must say I found this novelette captivating in a way that stopped me questioning how it managed to be so captivating, naively, disarmingly so. I enjoyed the character of Zanders and her search for an ancestor in Peru and the people she met along the way. But, above all, I loved the Golden Sea Captain whose ship the Giantess has a potentially shapeshifting or, rather, shapedetaching figurehead. A transformational yage and genderation of still slanting self. And the giant creature in the Golden Sea that went against the grain of gestalt by splintering off into many tiny creatures with divisive knives.B77A7337-14ED-4182-9770-FF0C8CAC7349 Ah, there is so much more I have not told you about this book’s journey that Zanders was making, and her connection with England, and I miraculously found myself being part of her journey rather than simply sharing it. By dint of both her smile and her sorrow. And I know that we all shall one day doff our clothes to enter our own particular Golden Seas and hopefully find more than just pronouns to define us. Towards synchronicity, … ”It was Zanders who first noticed how the gap between the elder’s speech and the Captain’s translation was narrowing.”

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Vastarien – A Literary Journal Issue 2


Volume 1 Issue 2 : Summer 2018

Grimscribe Press

Matt Cardin and Jon Padgett, Co-Editors-In Chief
Dagny Paul, Senior Editor

Cover Art: Yves Tourigny

Contributors: Giuseppe Balestra, Justyna Bendyk, Ashley Dioses, Amelia Gorman, Jill Hand, Ksenia Korniewska, Serhiy Krykun, Øyvind Lauvdahl, Carl Lavoie, Rob F. Martin, Christopher Mountenay, Joanna Parypinski, Max D. Stanton, Julie Travis, Nicole Vasari, Tim Waggoner, Charles Wilkinson.

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