Interzone 290-291


TTA PRESS 2021 (my previous reviews HERE)

Stories by Alexander Glass, Tim Major, Lyle Hopwood, Daniel Bennett, Cécile Cristofari, Matt Thompson, John Possidente, Lavie Tidhar, Shauna O’Meara.

A lovely colourfully designed book. See the face on the back cover?

When I read the fiction, my thoughts will appear in the comment stream below…

Interzone #246


Interzone #246 (May – Jun 2013)

TTA Press

My RTRcausal of the fiction in this magazine that I received as a result of my subscription to TTA Press.

All my previous reviews of TTA Press publications are linked from HERE.

The fiction in this issue is written by Steven J. Dines, Jess Hyslop, Nigel Brown, Aliette de Bodard, Priya Sharma, Lavie Tidhar, Georgina Bruce, Shannon Fay.

My review will appear in the ‘comment’ stream below as and when I read each story.

It may take some while to complete this review during the period I remain busy preparing the ‘Horror Without Victims’ anthology.