We’ll Never Have Paris



Edited by Andrew Gallix

Work by Max Porter, Chris Power, Owen Booth, Rosalind Jana, Jennifer Hodgson, S.J. Fowler, Greg Gerke, Jonathan Gibbs, Emily S. Cooper, Heidi James, Nathan Dragon, Wendy Erskine, Ashton Politanoff, Kathryn Scanlan, Utahna Faith, Tristan Foster, Sophie Mackintosh, Tomoé Hill, Yelena Moskovich, Donari Braxton, Susanna Crossman, Christiana Spens, Gavin James Bower, Joanna Walsh, Eley Williams, Julian Hanna, Richard Skinner, Richard Kovitch, David Collard, Jeremy Allen, Elsa Court, Niven Govinden, Adam Scovell, C.D. Rose, Laura Waddell, Nicholas Royle, Gerard Evans, Thom Cuell, Stewart Home, Anna Aslanyan, Natalie Ferris, Owen Hatherley, Tom Bradley, Andrew Gallix, Will Ashon, John Holten, Gerry Feehily, Dylan Trigg, Fernando Sdrigotti, Stuart Walton, Will Wiles, Tom McCarthy, Andrew Robert Hodgson, Lee Rourke, Will Self, Jo Mortimer, Cal Revely-Calder, Adam Roberts, Lauren Elkin, Susan Tomaselli, Steve Finbow, Cody Delistraity, H.P. Tinker, Russell Persson, David Hayden, Daniella Cascella, Adrian Grafe, Alex Pheby, Richard Marshall, Toby Litt, Andrew Hussey, Nicholas Rombes, Susana Medina, Isabel Waidner, Nicholas Blincoe, Evan Lavender-Smith, Jeffrey Zuckerman, Sam Jordison, Paul Ewen, Brian Dillon, Robert McLiam Wilson, Rob Doyle.


Vulgar Rings

An excerpt from my review of ‘The Rings of Saturn’ by WG Sebald here: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2018/09/06/the-rings-of-saturn-w-g-sebald/

6832A3DA-54B2-453F-951F-DB2A8EBC5B19Pages 59 – 71

“…that invisible spirit aboard his unmoving barque.”

“….during my childhood when I had watched from the valley as swallows circled in the last light, still in great numbers in those days, I would imagine that the world was held together by the courses they flew through the air.”

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Much of interest in these pages, including the tale of the woman who was referenced in this newspaper headline: “Housekeeper Rewarded for Silent Dinners.” And…

“…a writing of a novel that would fly in the face of palpable facts and become entangled in such a way that few readers — very few readers — would be able to grasp the hidden, horrific, yet at the same time quite meaningless point of the narrative.”

Cross-referenced this Sebald book again with my chance concurrent review of VULGAR THINGS here: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2018/09/05/vulgar-things-lee-rourke/

Best British Short Stories 2011

Series editor NICHOLAS ROYLE
(My previous reviews of this writer are linked from HERE)

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Featuring stories by: David Rose, Hilary Mantel, Lee Rourke, Leone Ross, Claire Massey, Christopher Burns, Adam Marek, SJ Butler, Heather Leach, Alan Beard, Kirsty Logan, Philip Langeskov, Bernie McGill, John Burnside, Robert Edric, Michèle Roberts, Dai Vaughan, Alison Moore and Salley Vickers.

I hope to gestalt real-time review this book over the next few months in the comment stream below…