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Whitby and Rock Bay

vanderwhitbyJeff VanderMeer’s public record – tellingly entitled ‘Deleted Scenes’ – of Storyville’s visit to Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay (Rock Bay?) in 2004. Fixing the memories, as mentioned in my review of AREA X. (JeffV from that public record link: “They take awhile to fade. If you’re lucky, you write them down before they disappear entirely.”)
Relevant to a reading of AREA X? e.g. cf Monkey’s Fist folk group with Monkey’s Elbow. Whitby has two lighthouses in its harbour. My contention that Area X is AREA X the book not the Area X described within the book, cf the word Storyville? And more… Much more.

I feel the author entices such connections with his wonderful book, literary or real. Or both literary and real.

EDIT (a few hours later): It was apparently 2001, not 2004!
See other accounts and photos of this event: