Skinner Box – Carole Johnstone

TOR 2019

My previous reviews of Carole Johnstone, who once saved my life:

An instant take –
“When you’re a baby, different regions of the brain connect to each other in a specific sequence, layer by layer, until the whole brain is mature.”

Nanite by nanite.
I worked at Gestalt real-time reviewing this novelette in the same way as it said in it (quoted above), till I realised it was doing similar to me, but better. Yet, I persevered. Still am. Bloody Fool that I am. Ends and means. Torture and reward. Free will and preternatural determination. Cancer cells and cyborg ones.

“The skin isn’t broken.”
…it also said, somewhere in its box. A digital box in e-space, near Jupiter? Box or Beckettian cell.