Vulgar Rings

An excerpt from my review of ‘The Rings of Saturn’ by WG Sebald here:

6832A3DA-54B2-453F-951F-DB2A8EBC5B19Pages 59 – 71

“…that invisible spirit aboard his unmoving barque.”

“….during my childhood when I had watched from the valley as swallows circled in the last light, still in great numbers in those days, I would imagine that the world was held together by the courses they flew through the air.”

Now my own photo from a few years back –
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Much of interest in these pages, including the tale of the woman who was referenced in this newspaper headline: “Housekeeper Rewarded for Silent Dinners.” And…

“…a writing of a novel that would fly in the face of palpable facts and become entangled in such a way that few readers — very few readers — would be able to grasp the hidden, horrific, yet at the same time quite meaningless point of the narrative.”

Cross-referenced this Sebald book again with my chance concurrent review of VULGAR THINGS here: