Vastarien, Vol 3, Issue 1

A Literary Journal – GRIMSCRIBE PRESS 2020

Work by Dean Paschal, Samantha Bolf, M. Christine Benner Dixon, Deborah Bridle, Jill Winsby-Fein, Avra Margariti, Elliott Gish, S. L. Edwards, Ramon Elani, Amar Benchikha, Pete Rawlik, Wade German, Christopher Ropes, Daphne Gem Host, Todd Keisling, Adrian Van Young.

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VASTARIEN: A Literary Journal


Volume 1, Issue 1


Matt Cardin and Jon Padgett, Co-Editors-In Chief
Dagny Paul, Senior Editor

Material by Thomas Ligotti, Kurt Fawver, S. Silverwood, Christopher Slatsky, Robert Beveridge, Michael Uhall, Michael J. Abolafia, Wojciech Gunia, Wade German, Colby Smith, Aaron Worth, S.L. Edwards, Ian Mullins, Paul L. Bates, Michael Penkas, Martin Rose, Devin Goff, Jordan Krall, Dr. Raymond Thoss, Christopher Ropes.

When I review this book, my thoughts will appear in the comment stream below…