My real-time reviews of Steve Rasnic Tem fiction:


Black Static #12

Cinnabar’s Gnosis

Null Immortalis

Black Static #19

Ghosts (Crimewave Eleven)

The Far Side of the Lake (collection)

Interzone #239

The Screaming Book of Horror

Rustblind and Silverbright

Onion Songs (collection)

Here With The Shadows (collection)

Black Static #40

Black Static #45

Strange Tales V

In The Lovecraft Museum (novella)

BREATHING (Black Static #53)

HALF-LIGHT (Uncertainties 2)


Apartment B (Nightscript II)

Deadfall Hotel (Novel)

UBO (Novel)

Absent Company (Collection)

Among the Living (Novella)

The Common Sea (Interzone 269)

The Erased (Shadows and Tall Trees #7)

Blood Kin (Novel)

Red Rabbit. (The Best Horror of the Year 9)

Sleepless (Crimewave 13)

By The Sea (Nightscript IV)

Thanatrauma (New Fears 2)


[ The Collected Stories of Melanie Tem: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/2017/03/07/singularity-and-other-stories-melanie-tem/ ]

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