My real-time reviews of Steve Rasnic Tem fiction:

“…each and every day there are things, vast and complicated things, which we miss.” — Steve Rasnic Tem (from OUTSIDE)

Black Static #12

Cinnabar’s Gnosis

Null Immortalis (This was the proud occasion when I published a new story by Tem.)

Black Static #19

Ghosts (Crimewave Eleven)

The Far Side of the Lake (collection)

Interzone #239

The Screaming Book of Horror

Rustblind and Silverbright

Onion Songs (collection)

Here With The Shadows (collection)

Black Static #40

Black Static #45

Strange Tales V

In The Lovecraft Museum (novella)

BREATHING (Black Static #53)

HALF-LIGHT (Uncertainties 2)


Apartment B (Nightscript II)

Deadfall Hotel (Novel)

UBO (Novel)

Absent Company (Collection)

Among the Living (Novella)

The Common Sea (Interzone 269)

The Erased (Shadows and Tall Trees #7)

Blood Kin (Novel)

Red Rabbit. (The Best Horror of the Year 9)

Sleepless (Crimewave 13)

By The Sea (Nightscript IV)

Thanatrauma (New Fears 2)

The Harvest Child and Other Fantasies (Collection)

Eidetic (Twice-Told)

Everything Is Fine Now (Collection)

Excavation (Novel)

Figures Unseen (Collection)

Book of Days (Novel)

Out of the Dark (Collection)

Whatever You Want (Best New Horror 29)

Celestial Inventories (Collection)

In Concert (Collection with Melanie Tem)

Man on the Ceiling (with Melanie Tem)

The Night Doctor and Other Tales (Collection)

Sleepwalking With Angels (Shadows 8 Tall Trees)

The Dead Outside My Door (Black Static 77)

E Is For Eye (Oculus Sinister)

Thanatrauma (Collection)

Fish Scales (Black Static 80/81)

The Sire (Mother: Tales of Love & Terror)

Into the White (Vastarien Vol. 5, No. 2)

Cross-referenced the Tems’ work with WE ALL HEAR STORIES IN THE DARK by Robert Shearman here: https://elizabethbowensite.wordpress.com/robert-shearman/#comment-1092


My reviews of Melanie Tem: https://dflewisreviews.wordpress.com/tag/melanie-tem/

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