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“a veritable living, breathing map of the fantastic fiction that is emerging into the world in these troubled times. Venture deeper, and you will find more than a decade of reviews and ruminations, all writ in an erudite, enjoyable, idiosyncratic style; a treasure that I suspect will become, (and already is), one of the most important and essential chronicles” – Karim Ghahwagi

Is it a Tench?

Two real-time reviews (among several others over the years) strongly connected with this increasingly preternatural, hawling-relevant question from John Cowper Powys in his ‘The Glastonbury Romance’ (1933):

The Rift by Nina Allan

Rule Dementia! by Quentin S. Crisp

This subject deserves a googling galore.

Other quotes of mine from that Powys book:

(Painting by Ade Hodges)

Black Static #59


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Stories by Kristi DeMeester, Rosalie Parker, Damien Angelica Walters, Sarah Read, Kirsten Kaschock, YZ Chin, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam.

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Re-Programming the Future



I have been doing Gestalt real-time reviews since 2008, and I have had cause recently to wonder whether they have influenced any writers in the way they write books, themselves Gestalt real-time reviews? A famous editor has already publicly said that they influence the way he programmes the various stories in his two magazine anthologies…

The Best Horror of the Year – Volume 9

Nesters – Siobhan Carroll The Oestridae – Robert Levy The Process Is a Process All Its Own – Peter Straub The Bad Hour – Christopher Golden Red Rabbit – Steve Rasnic Tem It’s All the Same Road in the End – Brian Hodge Fury – DB Waters Grave Goods – Gemma Files Between Dry Ribs – Gregory Norman Bossert The Days of Our Lives – Adam L. G. Nevill The House of Wonders – C.E. Ward The Numbers – Christopher Burns Bright Crown of Joy – Livia Llewellyn The Beautiful Thing We Will Become – Kristi DeMeester Wish You Were Here – Nadia Bulkin Ragman – Rebecca Lloyd What’s Out There? – Gary McMahon No Matter Which Way We Turned – Brian Evenson The Castellmarch Man – Ray Cluley The Ice Beneath Us – Steve Duffy On These Blackened Shores of Time – Brian Hodge

Edited by Ellen Datlow

Night Shade Books 2017

When I real-time review this anthology, my comments will appear in the thought stream below…