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“I’m here for the Golden Sphere.” – Matt Leyshon (The Funk Root)


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Uncertainties IV


The Swan River Press MMXX

Edited by Timothy J. Jarvis

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Stories by Rebecca Lloyd, Lucie McKnight Hardy, Brian Evenson, Kristine Ong Muslim, Gary Budden, Anna Tambour, John Darnielle, Camilla Grudova, Marian Womack, Charles Wilkinson, Nadia Bulkin, Aliya Whiteley, D.P. Watt, Claire Dean.

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The Moon In A Silver Bag – Colin Insole

MOUNT ABRAXAS PRESS, Isolationist Publisher, MMXX
The Carnival of the Drowned, plus
Oblivion’s Poppy MMX
Alcyone MMXI
“This Edition has been printed in Six Days in January, MMXXI, at the House of Pareidolia in Bucharest.”

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Philosophical Fictions by William Charlton

MOUNT ABRAXAS PRESS Apocalyptical Publisher MMXX

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Beyond the Storm

Yesterday, at Chelmsford Cathedral, I was privileged to attend a performance by the University of Essex Choir and the London Mozart Players.
Richard Bannan: Bass. And a fine replacement soprano whose name I did not catch.
Conductor: Richard Cooke.

Gabriel Fauré – Cantique de Jean Racine
Edward Elgar – The Snow
Igor Stravinsky – Pulcinella Suite
Felix Mendelssohn – Hear My Prayer
Gabriel Fauré – Requiem


Braving Storm Dennis, I arrived bedraggled at this wonderful cathedral only to to find myself uplifted by a new rush of inspiration: the performance of some music with which I was very familiar (the above Stravinsky suite and the Fauré requiem) and the holistic effect breathing new life into them. The Pulcinella was absolutely magnificent, taking me into areas I could never have imagined, combining a Malcolm Arnold symphony or wind ensemble with my late life apotheosis of Stravinsky, the latter composer having brought me into classical music at the age of 14 when a teacher at school played us a record of Rite of Spring in the 1960s. The Requiem here also extended beyond its familiarity into creative spasms of spirituality. The last section also had a striking Philip Glass undercurrent (one that has always been there but unrecognised) by the cathedral organ, I found.
The other pieces were fresh and comforting, particularly the Elgar that was a revelation to me. I note the words were written by Elgar’s wife Alice.
I now very much look forward to this choir’s performance of Bach’s massive Mass in B Minor in May at the Maltings.

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