Tenth Anniversary

Just as a reminder: my gestalt real-time reviewing in the last ten years frequently turns into a streaming of images, themes and personal thoughts and appreciations of the fiction, i.e. not an academic study of each work based on its authorial history, social history etc. — CDF5B265-CA20-48B9-830B-2BC152D87394 and often I have not read any other reviews of each book nor any of its internal non-fiction notes, intros etc.  I hope my reviewing is still proving to be of some provocative ‘aesthetic’ in its own right, together with cross-references of synchronicity to encourage cross-fertilisation of reading by others. Most feedback I’ve received so far is promising. Thanks for your patience and empathy.

Scintillo String Quartet

I attended a String Quartet concert yesterday evening in aid of St Helena, a hospice charity, with particular inspiring reference to Nicholas James Spall (1982-2008).

It took place in a beyond-the-wayside Parish Church somewhere near Elmstead Market, a church with the tallest gated-boxpews I have seen or sat within. A church I previously had not known existed…but I could not see its exterior in the darkness and I don’t think I could find my way there again!

The acoustics were fine for the music and I constructively dreamed within my own distant box as it flowed over me. However, from where I was sitting, the talking that took place about the event’s background I found difficult to hear. But I sensed its poignancy.

The performance was by the Scintillo String Quartet (Beth Spendlove, Kelly Jones, Paul Davies, Christopher Slatter.) And with my long experience of listening to classical chamber music, I was greatly impressed. The combined ambiance and sound were as perfect as I could possibly imagine.

It is always good to catch Verdi in a chamber music incarnation and this live performance of his String Quartet struck me forcibly for the first time, although I have heard it a few times before. Also, the familiar J.S. Bach concerto for two violins as played by all four of them came up with striking new slants.

In the second part of the concert, they played various items, including String Quartet adaptations of Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Electric Light Orchestra, and some film music. These took on an engaging classical aura that I could not have predicted before hearing them yesterday evening.

Thanks to everyone concerned.

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