Life as Inconsistent Backstory

From my review today of THE RUMOUR by Lesley Kara

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“Today, it is a deep violet-blue and there’s a hazy shimmer on the horizon that shrouds the wind farm so it’s barely visible. I never tire of looking at the sea. It’s part of my soul;”

Indeed. Round here, unlike anywhere else.
The rumour starts to go viral in Joanna’s mind, I guess, as suspicions stand on the shoulders of suspicions.
Intriguing specific mentions of Agatha Christie, silver surfer, Brexit effect, inconsistent backstory, scented candle, playing with dolls, Puffin Classics, and retention of some clue as to one’s own real name in one’s alter ego or nemonymous name. I may be a rumour myself, a thought that must run through all this book’s readers’ minds?