Or statue spore for statue hunters?
Re above, below is today. (Trousers grubby as just
negotiated an overgrown, tussock/branch crowded-in path.)

away from that area nearer to the sea, I then saw this in the sky over the

Turned out to be someone’s kite. You see everything in the end is explicable, and not Fortean!
I have later noticed the shadow staining the grass in
the second photo down (in the last set) – that’s not my shadow! And I was
In view of this, here are the two other photos I took yesterday, that
I didn’t bother to post above.
(It’s my foot again, shown for scale!)

4 thoughts on “*

  1. November 2012

    Spotted this stone on a street corner near where I live. Never seen it before!
    It says: “Site of Ancient Burial Ground”… and looks as if it has been there many years!

    Another photo taken on my walk this morning:

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