The Villa Désirée and Other Uncanny Stories – by May Sinclair

Divinations of the Deep by Matt Cardin

Dancing on Air – by Frances Oliver

Children of Epiphany – by Frances Oliver

Pieces of Midnight – by Gary McMahon

Tragic Life Stories – by Steve Duffy

Lost Places – by Simon Kurt Unsworth

The Ghosts of Summer – by Frances Oliver

The Far Side of the Lake – Steve Rasnic Tem (ebook)

American Morons stories by Glen Hirshberg (ebook)

WILD JUSTICE – Edited by Ellen Datlow (ebook)

The Book of Bunk – by Glen Hirshberg (ebook)
The Night Comes On – Steve Duffy (ebook)

Not an Ash Tree Press book, but one written by one of its publishers….
North West Passages by Barbara Roden

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